Divorce Mediation in Charlotte, NC

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A divorce mediation has many different forms but it is generally a type of negotiation between parties to try and reach a settlement of any individual or combination of family law issues such as child custody, alimony, equitable distribution, or a modification of child support.

divorce mediation charlotte nc

In most North Carolina family law cases, some form of mediation is required before a case can be set for trial. The idea behind this requirement is that parties to these types of cases should make an effort to attempt to resolve their issues outside of Court. As you can imagine, there are thousands of family law cases filed each year in North Carolina. It would be impossible for the Court to have a trial for each and every issue in each and every case. Parties may choose to voluntarily mediate and seek a divorce mediation in Charlotte, NC without any action filed with the Court.

The most common form of mediation involves a third-party mediator, who helps facilitate discussion, negotiation, and hopefully, settlement. The attorneys at Miller Bowles Law utilize a number of Charlotte area mediators, all of whom focus specifically on family law, so they have the legal knowledge and experience to help parties work together towards resolution.

Settlement discussions during a divorce mediation in Charlotte, NC are not admissible in Court and a Mediator cannot be called to testify at trial about offers and counter-offers made during mediation. This restriction allows parties to negotiate openly without fear that an offer or counter-offer may later be used against them in Court.

Many people find mediation successful as a way to efficiently resolve several different family issues at the same time. This efficiency often reduces legal expenses opposed to litigation. Parties also often find that with a mediated settlement, they maintain “ownership” over the outcome rather than having the issue decided by a Judge.

The attorneys at Miller Bowles Law are skilled negotiators, experienced in divorce mediation in Charlotte, NC and can help you achieve a favorable resolution of your family law issue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.