Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement

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A separation agreement is a binding contract between spouses settling all rights which arise out of a marriage. The primary purpose of a separation agreement is to set forth the parties’ intent to live separate and apart forever and resolve all marital rights that exist during the period between separation and divorce. A separation agreement must be executed after the parties have physically separated or in anticipation of immediate separation.

A separation agreement can also, and often includes terms related to property settlement (also known as equitable distribution), alimony, child custody or child support.

Many people use the separation agreement as a cost-effective way to dissolve all legal aspects of a marriage without the need of going to Court. In many cases, it can save substantial time and expense as compared to litigation; however, it is a mutually-entered contract which must be agreed upon by both parties. If your spouse will not agree to the terms set forth in the separation agreement, you cannot force him or her to sign the agreement.

The attorneys at Miller Bowles can help you determine whether a separation agreement is necessary in your case, and if one is, can draft and negotiate the terms of the agreement. We have a notary public on staff who is available to certify your signature on the agreement.