Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

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North Carolina domestic violence is the act of committing attempted bodily injury, intentionally causing bodily injury, or placing a person in fear of serious imminent serious bodily injury, or placing a person or a member of the aggrieved party’s family or household in fear of continued harassment that inflicts substantial emotional distress.

To qualify as domestic violence, there must be “personal relationship” between the aggressor and the victim. Personal relationship” means the parties: are current or former spouses; are persons of the opposite sex who live together or have lived together; are related as parents (including stepparents) and children, or grandparents and grandchildren, except a parent or grandparent may not obtain a protective order against a child or grandchild under 16; have a child in common; are current or former household members; or are persons of the opposite sex who are in or have been in a dating relationship.

With an Order for Domestic Violence Protection, the aggressor can be prevented from contacting the victim, either directly or through any third-party, for up to one year. The Court can also award the victim of domestic violence possession of the residence, temporary child custody, financial support, possession of a vehicle, and attorneys fees.

If your abuser violates the terms of the domestic violence order of protection, he or she can immediately be arrested for violating the order.

Victims of domestic violence often fall into the cycle of abuse, tension building, making up/apology, the calm, and then back to the act of abuse again. You can stop the cycle of domestic violence by taking the first step to remove yourself or your abuser from the situation. You should implement a safety plan, which includes obtaining a domestic violence order of protection, or “restraining order”. Doing so could save your life.

There are several community organizations that offer support to victims of domestic violence. When you are armed with the support of these community organizations and an attorney to represent you in your case, it is possible to feel empowered to overcome the cycle of abuse. The attorneys at Miller Bowles Law are ready to help, so contact us to schedule a consultation.